FLAGS giving evidence to the Scottish Parliament

6 March 2018

Our Chair, Isabella Ennis will today be appearing before the Scottish Parliament Justice Committee. The Committee are continuing their work on alternative dispute resolution and will also hear from representatives from CALM (Comprehensive Accredited Lawyer Mediators), Relationships Scotland and Scottish Women's Aid. The programme for the session (which contains a link to our written evidence to the Committee, which was prepared by our secretary, Scott Cochrane) can be found here

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  • Caroline Flanagan
  • John Speir
  • Shona Templeton
  • Alastair Milne
  • Rachael Kelsey
  • Isabella Ennis
  • John Macpherson
  • Denise Hooper
  • Fiona Sasan
  • Martin F Monaghan
  • Alison Edmondson
  • Gillian Crandles
  • Alasdair Loudon
  • Cath Karlin
  • Desmond Cheyne